Casa de La Flora Khao lak

Long stretches of unspoiled beach, crystal clear blue sea and tropical rain forest allow Khao Lak to be the heaven for relaxation, particularly attractive to discerning tourists looking for a peaceful vacation in the Land of Smiles.

Located closely to Similan Islands, one of the most beautiful, top ten diving spots in the world, Khao Lak is the nearest land point to the small archipelago, well known for the world class reefs and crystal clear waters.




Nestled within the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park, this striking contemporary resort takes the guests on a special voyage of discovery, where modern architecture and luxury blend with the simple pleasures and beauty of nature, such as feeling the sultry sand beneath your toes.

The organic, timeless quality of the monolithic villas of Casa de La Flora, blend naturally with the surrounding rocks and landscape, which appear to stand as sentinels over the secluded beachfront.

Looming above the billowing white roofs of the beachfront decking, the cubist, glass-fronted facades of Casa de la Flora, stare impassively over the crystal blue waters of the Andaman Sea. The fierce lines and raw colors of the resort highlight the dazzling blue of the sky, the lush green of the trees and the golden sands of the beach.

To help achieve and blend with the surrounding aesthetic, the rooms use smart room systems by VDA (with the luxury Italian design of Vitrum Smart Switches), superior Thai amenities and private pools.

Outside the room, the resort offers an exclusive spa, open-air sea view restaurant, chic lounge bar and private mangrove vegetation areas to explore. This fusion of high aesthetic, cutting-edge facilities and beauty of the surrounding landscape, combine to make Casa de La Flora the ideal getaway for the highly discerning.

“I really didn’t want to follow the same philosophy of other resorts,” explains Khun Sompong Dowpiset, owner and mastermind behind the Casa de La Flora project. “I am really focused on offering the customer what they want on holiday. That they are welcome to our exclusive resort to relax, release their emotions and arouse romance.”




In-room check-in


IPod docking station

Wi-Fi Internet access

Espresso machine



Armed with these concepts, and a great deal of faith, Khun Sompong identified leading Thai Architecture firm VasLAB Studio, to help turn his vision into reality. They were charged with creating a bold looking resort that still managed to express the natural warmth implied by the name ‘flora’ or flower, while considering that guests would require the very highest level of amenities, personalized services and privacy.




“Many people kept asking me why are you doing this, why are you being so daring? It’s very expensive, very costly, the architecture and the amenities. But I believed, that you have to make the investment and to take the risk. To achieve the desired results required Khun Sompong and the architecture team, to carefully ensure the entire interior, conceptual, structural and lighting elements blended together into a beautiful ensemble.

The patience and perseverance of Khun Sompong and his team, are their real own special love song to the region of Khao Lak, and allows them to be bold and committed to Thai hospitality, design and architecture.




“I don’t care about getting a high occupancy, I care that everyone who comes here, have their own unique passionate experience and then after they leave, start dreaming and wanting to come back.” Sompong Dowpiset, Casa de la Flora.