Black & White

We have gone through a long period of soft and romantic colours, we are now expecting monochromatism to be the dominant colour vibe in 2016. Contemporary colour trends cater wide choices to use black and white, and their harmonious combinations, for creating elegant, stylish and luscious spaces.


Occasionally, this colour combination could come across too bold and strong, but if used wisely it could add an additional level of sophistication and glamour. It is possible to use them in every context and you can even pair this shades with contrasting colours, such as gold and silver for giving a unique look and an unexpected result.


© MOD The Club Hotel, Singapore

This Black and White interior interpretation has been used in the Ministry of Design’s latest high design boutique hotel in Singapore: The Club. Colin Seah, MOD Design Director, says “Searching to ground the hotel in the context of Singapore, we drew its inspiration from Singapore’s colonial past, creating a colonial chic aesthetic.”


Conceptualizing The Club’s branding, MOD has created a monochrome universe, unifying the pure design vision to all related collaterals, signage and spatial environments.

04 - AAMER - Cove Grove_07

© AAMER Architects

04 - AAMER - Cove Grove_25

© AAMER Architects

In this boomerang-shaped dwelling, called The Cove, Aamer Architects uses the monochrome palette with the white as the dominant element, and black as it counterpart, to give the house a sense of spaciousness, movement and add  a sense of sublime comfort to the contemporary architecture.


The grand piano works beautifully with the black and white color scheme, as well as the impressive staircase that connects the two levels of the house. In the first floor, a solid stone-cladded wall with narrow vertical slits is dominant while the upper floor feature a solid plastered wall, punctuated by small horizontal slits, that peels off from the main volume of the house.


On the other side, the house opens towards the waterfront in a transparent and natural manner through glass enclosure, timber deck and balconies.

04 - AAMER - Cove Grove_10

© AAMER Architects



Continuing exploring the architectural design behind some of the most well designed projects, we stop at Abu Dhabi, the capital of the lavish nation of the Emirates.




Since his opening, Rosewood Abu Dhabi has marked the first presence of the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts brand in the United Arab Emirates. Defining new standards, this five-star hotel offers locals and tourists a distinct and personalized luxury lifestyle experience in the heart of city. Featuring 154 spacious guestrooms and 35 suites, the iconic tower also includes 131 serviced residences, all with access to world-class services.

The inspiration for the Handel Architects-designed tower is derived from the glistening Arabian Gulf and the vast desert that surrounds Abu Dhabi city. The 34-story hotel is a dramatic modern structure covered with reflective glass, which was chosen for its daytime shimmer and its nighttime luminescence. The curvilinear architecture of the 470-foot-tall building is designed to suggest the movement in this vibrant city and the inspiration for the interiors of the hotel comes from the meeting of land and sea, desert and sky.






Rosewood Abu Dhabi’s interior, designed by the award-winning firm HOK former BBG-BBGM, warmly welcomes guests. The lobby is bordered, on one side, with a flowing water feature and, on the other, with a dramatic wall of art to draw guests into the space with warm tones, clean lines and sleek materials.

The sophisticated design is juxtaposed with comfortable furnishings and flowing fabrics in warm colors reminiscent of a local souk, an open-air marketplace. The interiors have an air of understated elegance, with exquisite materials such as Italian marbles, Vitrum touch panels and the advanced room management technology by VDA.

Throughout the hotel, traditional Middle Eastern textiles and details are complemented with modern lines and sleek architectural elements. The hotel design is a study in contrasts and sets the standard for luxury design in Abu Dhabi.

Offering 9 restaurants, superb shopping and stunning views of the water, the hotel complex provides a sophisticated environment for both business and leisure. As with every hotel in the collection, Rosewood Abu Dhabi encompasses Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy by reflecting the culture, history and geography of its location.

Architects: Handle Architects
Designers: HOK formed BBG-BBM
Lights: Lasvit & Preciosa Lighting


Park Loft

In Lozenets, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Sofia, Bulgaria, overlooking the greenery of the South Park and the Vitosha Mountain, is located Red Apple. A commanding 13 storey building, designed by Aedes Studio and built by Sofbuild, where the spirit of Soho can be felt through its red brick walls, high ceilings, huge glazings, balconies, and rooftop gardens.




On the eleventh floor is nested an impressive double height Loft, spread over 152sqm, masterfully designed by a team of architects from Studio Mode. It is named Park Loft.




The architecture’s volume grows around a central cubic fireplace in black and white, defining the social hearth of the loft. In the living room, a huge library crosses over the ceiling and reaches into the elevated space, reachable through a floating staircase.




On the left of the fireplace, following the infinite wooden wall, the kitchen pops up in a plain white open space, with modern appliances and massive hidden doors that separate the social areas from the more private areas.




The white colour throughout, the warmth of the bold wooden panels and exposed bricks blend seamlessly, creating a modern and clean space with a smooth and natural transition from this amazing building’s façade.




The choice made, to switch the materials, placing the timber on the wall and the total white on the floor, gives such style and sophistication. The high quality lighting is hidden within the walls and doors, or sometimes suspended elegantly from the ceiling, using the stunning design of the Vitrum Smart Switches nested within the furniture to control it.